House Oversight Committee subpoenas financial records for Hunter Biden business associate

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On Monday, it was revealed that Representative James Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, subpoenaed financial records from Bank of America for Rob Walker, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, along with two other people

A spokesperson for the Comer-led House Oversight Committee told the Washington Examiner, “The Oversight Committee has subpoenaed and obtained financial records related to the Biden family’s influence peddling. These documents solidify our understanding of several areas of concern and have opened new avenues of investigation about the Biden family’s business schemes.”

The revelation of the subpoena came via a letter sent from Representative Jamie Raskin to Comer noting that the chairman subpoenaed “all financial records” from three people, with Walker the only one named, from the present going back to January 20, 2009.

Comer had previously said, “by 2017, Biden family members and their associates, including John R. Walker, formed a joint venture with CEFC China executives” and was investigating Hunter Biden’s dealings with Chinese businessmen. 

According to Raskin, Comer’s subpoena “compelled the production of and obtained thousands of pages of Mr. Walker’s private financial information” and said, “these documents go well beyond any business deal with Hunter Biden or CEFC.”

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