House Republicans Pass Major Pro-Life Bill in Party-Line Vote – One GOP Holds Out

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House Republicans are taking early action on abortion with their new majority, approving two measures Wednesday.

The new GOP-led House passed one resolution to condemn attacks on pro-life facilities and a separate bill that would impose new penalties if a doctor refused to care for an infant born alive after an abortion attempt.

Neither is expected to pass the Democratic-led Senate, but Republicans said they were making good on promises to address the issue along with other legislative priorities in the first days in power.

“You don’t have freedom, true liberty, unless government protects your most fundamental right, your right to live,” said new Republican House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, who led the debate on the measures.

A July AP-NORC poll showed Republicans are largely opposed to allowing abortion “for any reason” and after 15 weeks into a pregnancy. But only 16 percent of Republicans say abortion generally should be “illegal in all cases,” and a majority, 56 percent, say their state should generally allow abortion six weeks into a pregnancy.

South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace, a Republican who says she is opposed to abortion, said she believes the early push on the issue is misguided. She said she believes the majority of voters in her swing district opposed the Supreme Court’s decision to overrule Roe v. Wade.

“This is probably not the way to start off the week,” Mace told MSNBC.

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