How Ex-Fox News Anchor Was Fired Becomes Relevant Again in Aftermath of Tucker Carlson Ouster

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Apparently, impolite text messages can get you fired at Fox News, at least if you’re Tucker Carlson. That’s especially true if the messages are deemed to be sexist in nature.

If you’ve been following the slow-leak narrative in the wake of Carlson’s summary dismissal last week, you’ve no doubt heard the theory that it was not Tucker’s role in the Fox programming that resulted in the network agreeing to pay nearly $800 million to Dominion Voting Systems that got him canned, but rather that his text messages — redacted in court — showed that he used rude language to refer to his co-workers at Fox, including describing one female executive by — gasp! — what we can only refer to as “the c-word.”

Apparently, George Carlin would have never made it at Fox News, which is a polite network where misogynist language is never tolerated. Unless it’s used on a woman its executive want to fire, of course.

You may remember Melissa Francis. In October of 2020, the co-host of “Outnumbered” was summarily fired due to what the network called “program changes.” On Friday, according to Mediaite, Francis told former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly that she found out about her firing via teleprompter just before her show was about to begin.

This is roughly the amount of notice that Carlson was given when he was fired last week before it was announced — and that wasn’t the only pattern that you could espy in how Francis was dismissed in 2020.

The firing occurred while a gender-pay discrimination case against Fox News that Francis had filed was rumored to be in arbitration. She subsequently got $15 million out of the network, which The Washington Post called “an unusually large settlement” in July of 2022.

Last week, she joined Megyn Kelly again, this time to call out the “laughable” claim that it was misogynistic language that got Carlson fired.

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