'I Am Jazz' PROMOTES SEX WORK to raise money for 'gender-affirming' breast augmentation

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In season 8, episode 3 of the reality TV show I Am Jazz, an 18-year-old trans-identified male announces plans to go into sex work as a way to raise money for “gender-affirming” breast augmentation surgery, to the approval of Jazz’s mother.

Jaclyn is a friend of Jazz Jennings, the star of the show who shot to fame after Jazz’s parents allowed the social transition and subsequent medical sex change of their gender-nonconforming child to become a global spectacle.

Millions of people all over the world tuned in to watch as the young male child adopted a female name and female pronouns, was chemically castrated with a combination of experimental puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, and eventually underwent a vaginoplasty surgery resulting in serious complications

In this episode of season 8, Jazz and Jaclyn are at the beauty salon getting waxed when Jaclyn tells Jazz about being unemployed after having to quit a job due to female coworkers objecting to sharing a bathroom with a male. Jaclyn claims these coworkers were also informing customers that Jaclyn was male.

Later in the show, while shopping for cowboy boots with Jazz and Jazz’s mother, Jeanette, Jaclyn is complaining about how difficult it is to find another job with the upcoming breast surgery so close.

“So I’m thinking about doing the frisky modelling online. You know what I mean?” says Jaclyn acknowledging that it’s “definitely something that people kind of judge you for.”

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