Idaho 'doomsday cult mom' found guilty of murdering her two kids, husband's first wife

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On Friday, Lori Vallow Daybell was found guilty of murder and conspiracy in the 2019 killing of her two kids and her husband’s first wife. Also known as the “Doomsday Mom,“ the 49-year-old was convicted of murder, conspiracy, multiple counts of grand theft by deception, and grand theft. 

According to a report from the New York Post, the jury only took seven hours to deliberate and Vallow Daybell appeared expressionless as the verdict was read. During the six-week trial, the prosecutors argued the motive for the killings was so that she and her fifth husband, Chad Daybell, could start a new life together without restrictions. 

They also painted Vallow Daybell as a wannabe cultist driven by “money, power, and sex.” The jury was shown text messages between her and Chad Daybell in which the two discussed a “perfectly orchestrated plan” for the children. 

Her defense attorney tried to claim that her husband and doomsday author, Chad Daybell, manipulated her with his apocalyptic teachings and the belief that her children were demons. They told the court “She wanted to be with Chad. They were obviously having an affair…But there was no plan by Lori to kill her kids.”

17-year-old Tylee Ryan and adopted son 7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow were last seen in September 2019, and Tammy Daybell, Cad Daybell’s first wife, died at home in October 2019. The children’s remains were found in the backyard of Chad Daybell’s house in June 2020. 

On January 25th, 2020 Vallow Daybell was served with papers while sitting poolside in Hawaii, which gave her five days to show that her kids were safe. This came after JJ’s biological grandmother, Kay Woodcock, called the police when she had not heard from the boy for months after the suspicious death of his adoptive father, and Vallow Daybells husband Charles. 

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