IDF Releases Footage Showing How Hamas Hid a ‘Terrorist Hub’ Amid Schools and Civilian Homes

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In trying to push back against Hamas propaganda, the Israel Defense Forces on Tuesday released videos illustrating how Hamas used schools and homes as a “terrorist stronghold.”

“Hamas continues to exploit civilian infrastructure as a terrorist hub. Al-Shati is one of many areas where schools and civilian buildings are used to launch rockets, store weapons and carry out attacks against the IDF,” the IDF posted on X.

In the video, an Israeli officer identified as Commander of the 932nd Battalion LTC. Dotan calls the ruined neighborhood an area full of “seemingly innocent places like schools and kindergartens, educational institutions.”

“In reality, this area is a terrorist stronghold,” he said.

“An area with swing sets and carousels, that on paper seems simple and innocent, but in practice, shooting is carried out from here,” he said.

“This entire area constitutes one network belonging to the enemy. [The terrorists] operate using their underground tunnel network in the direction of the kindergartens and schools,” he said.

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