‘If They’re Harvesting, We’re Harvesting’: DeSantis Says What Every GOP Voter Should Want

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pledged to fight like a Democrat if he is chosen next year as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee.

The GOP candidate said that in battleground states where Democrats rely on ballot harvesting, he would play the game.

The comment was made during Wednesday’s Republican primary debate in Alabama after DeSantis was asked about election integrity.

After pointing out that he has cracked down on election fraud in Florida, DeSantis acknowledged that “not every state’s where we need it to be.”

He singled out Nevada, which allows ballot harvesting, and vowed to go into the 2024 election using the same tactics employed by Democrats.

“I am not going to fight with one hand tied behind my back,” DeSantis said.

“If they’re harvesting, we’re harvesting. … We are going to exploit whatever the rules are.”

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