Illegal immigrants shipped to Canada from US with government-funded bus tickets

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Peruvian native Susy Sanchez Solzarno, 33, crossed into Canada on Friday morning with her husband and two daughters after one of the girls saw a video on TikTok of other migrants doing the same. The family spent about a month and a half in a Queens hotel that was converted into an emergency shelter.

“I wanted to live in New York because I thought it would be a better future for my daughters,” she said. “But as the days went by, I saw insecurity, many homeless people, many people who shout and are disrespectful, and many people on drugs.”

“I am going to Canada for the safety and future of my girls,” she said. “I only ask God that everything goes well and that Canada is not like the United States.”

According to the New York Post, an estimated 43.900 migrants have flooded the city since the spring. More than 28.400 are living in 83 hotels and five “Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers.”

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