Illegal Immigration Grew 5 Percent Last Month as Chilling No. of Potential Terrorists Caught

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Last month was the worst February on record for illegal immigration into the U.S. — possibly in more ways than one.

The Department of Homeland Security said its agents had encountered more than a quarter-million illegals at the border — 256,000 or so.

That number was up from the previous month, according to The Washington Times. Even though February had two fewer days than January, it saw 13,000 more illegals crossing the border.

If there’s any good news to be found, it’s that neither of the two past months came close to the record-setting 371,000 encounters in December. It’s not great news, but it could be worse.

And speaking of worse, 11 of the illegals taken into custody by federal officials were 11 people on the terrorist watch list.

That’s right: 11. Or about 58 percent of the number of men it took to bring down the Twin Towers on 9/11. In one month. The shortest month of the year, even.

And that’s the number of potential terrorists the feds caught. The number who escaped federal notice cannot, of course, be even guessed at.

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