'I'm not stopping or giving up!': James O'Keefe brings Pfizer whistleblower to CPAC stage in first appearance since Project Veritas ousting

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Speaking from CPAC on Saturday morning in his first public appearance since being ousted as Project Veritas CEO, James O’Keefe brought out the Pfizer whistleblower that allowed the viral series in February to happen.

Introducing the whistleblower, O’Keefe said “we need brave whistleblowers. We need people on the inside. There were people on the inside of Psizer who helped us obtain this.”

“To be a whistleblower is to step outside the great chain of being, to basically be disconnected from the mothership. That’s sort of like how I feel right now,” said O’Keefe.

“But I’ve learned a lot of things over the last month, having been ousted from the company I founded 13 years ago, mere days after the story. But as this was happening, I was talking to one of these people and she was a little reluctant to go public. Rightfully so, she was scared.”

O’Keefe said that after the events of his ousting, he reconnected with the whistleblower, saying that she was targeted, “who was brought into a room, interrogated, who had a red van go to her home, harass her and her loved ones, who was scared for her life.”

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