Image of Trump and Epstein Appears Out of Nowhere – Two Huge Details Expose It as Fake

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At a casual glance, the image is enough to make the blood boil.

A young Donald Trump from his wild and crazy days grins for the camera. Cozying up to Trump on his left shoulder in an almost intimate gesture is convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. And around them are young girls who look like they should be doing their homework instead of cooing over two older men.

But once the internet sleuths of social media were through, the image seems more relegated to the first lesson in a Photoshop 101 class than a blockbuster discovery.

In a world of deep fakes, AI and images doctored to show what the editor wants them to show, a picture can become a powerful political weapon of distortion. On social media, several Twitter posters explained why a close look is always necessary when a picture seems too good — or too bad — to be true.

Twitter poster Catturd suggested that a good fake gives everyone all of the usual body parts and keeps everything looking … well, human. He referred to the girl on the left of the frame, who has an arm span a WNBA all-star would envy, as well as the fact that Epstein ends where most people start growing legs.

“Dear left … If you’re going to photoshop a picture … try to give Epstein a pair of legs and don’t have a girl with a 30 foot arm,” he posted.

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