In final message to Russian warship, Ukrainian border soldiers defiantly tell their attackers: ‘go f*** yourself!’

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Thirteen Ukrainian soldiers refused to surrender an island to a Russian warship and in a final defiant told their attackers to “…go f*** yourself!”

The soldiers stationed on the small border island of Zmiinyi in the Black Sea. A Russian warship ordered them to surrender. Zmiinyi translates in English to Snake Island, is located approximately 30 miles off Ukraine’s coast, and has a total land area less than 1/10th of a square mile.

The Russians told the Ukrainian defenders via radio, “This is a Russian military ship. I suggest you lay down your weapons and surrender to avoid bloodshed and unnecessary victims. Otherwise we will open fire on you.”

The border defenders replied, “Russian warship, go f*** yourself!”

The Russian warship then reportedly opened fire on the island and killed all 13 soldiers.

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