Indiana becomes first state to pass post-Roe abortion ban

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Indiana on Friday approved significant abortion restrictions, becoming the first state in the country to pass an abortion ban after the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade on June 24.

Under the new bill, all abortion clinics in the state of Indiana will lose their licenses. When the bill takes effect, legal abortions can only be performed in hospitals or hospital-owned outpatient clinics. A doctor who performs an illegal abortion or doesn’t file the required reports after performing one will lose their medical license, a step up from the current state abortion law that states a doctor “may” lose their license.

Other states have various abortion bans but their legislation was passed before Roe and went into effect after the Supreme Court ruled.

Republican Governor Eric Holcomb signed the ban on abortions 10-weeks post-fertilization, with exceptions made for cases of rape or incest, pregnancies in which the life or physical health of the mother is compromised, or if a fetus is diagnosed with a lethal anomaly.

The restrictions on all other abortions will go into effect in the state on September 15, reported Newsmax.

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