Indigenous entrepreneur SLAMS Trudeau, says he will vote Conservative in next election

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Trudeau and his Liberal government have long claimed that their policies are in the interest of Indigenous peoples across Canada, however not everybody agrees, including those Indigenous persons themselves.

In an op-ed for the National Post published on Monday, Indigenous entrepreneur and former Lax Kw’Alaams Band councillor Chris Sankey slammed Trudeau and announced that he would be supporting the Conservative Party in the next election.

Sankey began by condemning the Liberals’ “troubling policies,” adding that he felt “infuriated” and “genuinely worried” for his children’s future.

“We are supposed to be headed down a path of reconciliation,” he continued, decrying the fact that “for many on the left, including the federal government, the only valid reconciliation is that which adheres to their woke narrative.”

“We are living with a Liberal government that is hell-bent on emphasizing ideology over practical, real-world solutions,” Sankey added, explaining that as a result, his vote would be going to the Conservatives.

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