Individual Picked to Take Over Anti-Trump Senator’s Vacancy – Won’t Be Able to Serve Full Term

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Nebraska has a new United States Senator.

Former Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts was appointed to the office on Thursday.

Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen announced Ricketts’ appointment at a Thursday event in the governor’s office.

Pillen succeeded Ricketts as the state’s governor.

“Gov. Ricketts assured me that no matter who calls for a different job, he is committed to the United States Senate,” Pillen said of the appointment, according to WOWT-TV.

Pillen indicated that Ricketts intends to serve as a senator for a minimum of 10 years.

“No matter who calls him to be a vice president of the United States, who calls him to be … Secretary of State or any other thing, he’s committed to this seat; and he and [his wife Susanne Shore] have committed to winning elections at a minimum of 10 years, and I’m praying it’s gonna be longer than that, and you’re gonna love it there, Susanne.”

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