Indonesia criminal code prohibits sex outside marriage

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On Tuesday, Indonesia’s parliament approved a new criminal code with strict rules regarding sex for both locals and foreigners.

Under the new code, extramarital sex will be banned, as will cohabitation between unmarried couples. 

When the code comes into effect in three years, those who engage in sex outside marriage will be subject to a punishment of up to one year in jail. 

Indonesia’s current criminal code has been decried by officials as a holdover of colonial times, when the Dutch imposed their values on the nation, and those “no longer relevant.” Many see the overhaul as a move away from the past.

“The aim,” explained Albert Aries of the nation’s justice ministry, “is to protect the institution of marriage and Indonesian values, while at the same time being able to protect the privacy of the community and also negate the rights of the public or other third parties to report this matter or ‘playing judge’ on behalf of morality.”

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