Interview Abruptly Ended After Actor Goes Too Far, Voices Support for Trump

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I remember years ago seeing a television spoof of a fast-talking used car salesman attempting to sell a vehicle to a potential customer.

As the salesman gives his pitch, a part falls off the vehicle.

Not missing a beat, the salesman grabs the prospect, whirls him away from the defective part and continues his spiel regarding the defective car.

Something like that happened on the BBC’s “Today” radio program when veteran U.S. actor Kelsey Grammer said something he shouldn’t have. At least not in today’s “woke” world.

On the program, Grammer voiced support for former President Donald Trump. And it quickly became a “quick — let’s look over here and not go there” moment.

Actually, “Today” co-host Justin Webb remained polite in his distinct British way, and both Grammer and Webb indicated it was not the choice of either of them to throttle the Trump talk.

Rather, the public relations arm of Paramount+, which is platforming a reboot of Grammer’s decades-old “Frazier” role, was said to be squelching the actor’s reference to Trump.

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