Is Conor McGregor Running for Office? Fed-Up UFC Legend Makes Vow After Violent Attack in Ireland

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Across the world, voters have had enough of socialists and open-borders globalists.

On Sunday, libertarian Javier Milei won the presidency of Argentina. Then, on Thursday, Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom —  a Dutch populist, nationalist and anti-immigration party — secured a major election victory in the Dutch House of Representatives, making it likely that Wilders will serve as the next prime minister of the Netherlands.

Could former UFC champion and outspoken Irish patriot Conor McGregor be next?

Friday on X, formerly Twitter, McGregor threw down the gauntlet and promised to fix what ails his home country.

“There will be change in Ireland, mark my words. The change needed,” McGregor wrote as part of a lengthier post.

On Thursday, riots erupted in the Irish capital of Dublin following a knife attack that wounded five people, including three children. Irish journalist John McGuirk identified the suspected assailant as “an Algerian national in his 50s who came to Ireland several decades ago.”

McGregor condemned the riots but also acknowledged the rioters’ concerns.

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