'It's going to keep getting worse': Australian pundit blasts Trudeau's fertilizer cuts

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The editor of The Spectator Australia Alexandra Marshall appeared on Mark Steyn’s show on GB News, to talk about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s fertilizer ban.

The Trudeau Liberals seek to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from fertilizers due to its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions that they say cause man-made climate change. The Liberals claim they’re looking for a 30 percent reduction in emissions, not fertilizer. Farming advocates, however, say that reducing nitrous oxide emissions can’t be done at this point without reducing fertilizer use.

While speaking to Steyn, Marshall said “there’s only one way to achieve net zero, according to these people, and that’s to basically destroy your agriculture industry. Not to shut down transport, not to maybe reign in the sprawl of cities, but to destroy the food production of the country.

“That’s going to be very nifty when there’s a surprise famine, they can claim it’s because of climate change and give themselves yet more power. So, whether or not they screw up a country, they still win in some way, and this is not good for people.”

Steyn interjected: “No, you’re right, when we’re all starving they’ll say that’s due to all the global warming and they’ll introduce even more crazy things. We’ve had a couple of inspiring developments with the Canadian truckers and with the Dutch farmers, but you’re rather pessimistic of the idea that the masses are going to rise up and actually say to their leaders, ‘enough of this rubbish. We’re done with it.'”

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