‘It’s Like Living in an Igloo:’ People Make Heartbreaking Decisions as Winter Arrives in Biden’s America

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Winter hasn’t officially started yet, but winter-like conditions are already causing extreme situations to develop across the country.

Parts of the Northeast have been hammered by cold and snowy weather in recent days. Given the current shortage of diesel and critical home heating fuels, like home heating oil, which also happens to be at record-high prices, more Americans are being forced to sacrifice basic comforts.

According to CNN, home heating prices have soared to new highs again, jumping 18 percent over last year’s 17 percent increase. For the millions of Americans on tight budgets, thanks to out-of-control inflation in an economy overseen by President Joe Biden, some have decided to go without heat.

The outlet interviewed Charmaine Johnson, 63, who struggles with her own home heating situation and works at a non-profit outfit called Philadelphia’s Heater Hotline, which handles requests from those who can’t afford their energy bills.

Johnson, who can’t afford the $1000 needed to fill her home heating oil tank, described an increasingly ugly situation brewing in which she — and presumably many others — have been forced to turn off the furnace for now.

“It’s miserable,” Johnson said, explaining that she’s using as little heat as possible to stretch out her dwindling supply of heating oil. “It’s like living in an igloo.”

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