Jack Posobiec challenges Dr. Oz to come on Human Events Daily and defend his liberal positions

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Jack Posobiec of Human Events Daily on Monday published a video announcement for the outlet’s investigation into Dr. Mehmet Oz. He’s currently running a campaign for the US Senate in Pennsylvania on a conservative ticket.

Posobiec says there’s reasons to doubt the credibility for what Oz is now politically claiming to be. “We went in. And so we’ve seen these new interviews, where Dr. Oz suddenly at long last has decided that he’s a conservative. And so I said, ‘You know what, I want to check the record on that.’ So we went to the record. I gotta tell you, folks: This guy does not have a conservative record,” Posobiec says.

In regards to the Second Amendment, in 2019, Dr. Oz seemed to endorse red flag laws on his talk show by saying that “hopefully most states” would adopt them. However with the announcement of his candidacy by 2021, he now believes most states would abuse the powers that red flag laws would grant. Further past tweets from Dr. Oz show him backing a proposal that’d have had the CDC studying gun violence.

On the topic of abortion, in 2019, Dr. Oz questioned the definition of what a fetus heartbeat qualifies as, and was highly skeptical about the abortion limitations placed surrounding that. But in 2021, he’s more broadly about the “sanctity of life.”

As for COVID-19, in 2020, Dr. Oz praised the Chinese system of lockdowns in an NBC interview spot, and touted their proclaimed drop in pandemic case numbers as “fantastic news.” However, now in 2022, he abhors such practices and openly doubts the efficiency of the COVID-19 vaccine. (Earlier this year, POLITICO published an analysis that highlighted how Dr. Oz’s show had connections to China through sponsorship by the Usana Health Sciences company).

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