James Carville Warns Democrats to Keep Quiet About Biden’s Economy – Americans Are Not Buying It

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Democratic strategist James Carville is famous for saying, “It’s the economy, stupid.” The comic phrase came to being in 1992, when Carville was advising Bill Clinton on his successful run for the White House.

What was true 32 years ago is true now. The economy is a major player in political elections. But this year there’s a twist.

In an interview with CNN, host Anderson Cooper asked Carville, “Is the economic message not — I mean, shouldn’t that be front and center? I mean, there’s certainly some good economic news, I believe.”

Cooper had a point. The stock market has reached record highs as of late, so it would make sense to brag about it if you’re in the Biden camp, right?

Carville didn’t think so.

“Right,” Carville replied, “but people live in an economy, and they feel it, and we know from the Clinton years and we know from the Obama years, that it takes a lot — you have to go pretty deep into recovery, where people are feeling it.”

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