Jason Miller talks to The Post Millennial about GETTR’s commitment to free speech

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A new social media platform has been making serious headway this year. After launching in July and branding itself as a free speech alternative to Twitter, GETTR has been picking up new accounts and making serious news. Twitter’s latest high-profile bannings of conservative media accounts, including some of sitting Congressmen, media companies like Project Veritas, The Babylon Bee, and broadcaster Charlie Kirk, and changing, seemingly vague rules have made GETTR an attractive alternative.

President Joe Biden has called numerous times for social media and media outlets to “deal with the misinformation and disinformation,” saying “it has to stop.” This administration has been demanding compliance to their narrative, from COVID-19, to race, to gender, and now to Ukraine. Democrats and leftists couch their calls for censorship as the suppression of disinformation and misinformation, which is in part why Jason Miller launched the platform in the first place.

Right from the gate, Biden and his administration have determined that one of the biggest threats facing American democracy, or maybe just their power, are the contrary views promulgated by media companies and individuals that provide data, information, or simply opinions that run counter to the White House’s message. And those messages often skew toward the extreme fringe of social justice.

For the Biden administration, men can become women just by saying so, racism is a public health crisis, climate change is more important than genocide and could end the world in nine years, COVID-19 guidance and contagion risks are whatever they say they are at any given time, and Americans must be censored if they disagree. That censorship includes sitting members of Congress, censored for telling the truth.

The Post Millennial sat down with GETTR founder Jason Miller to find out more about the platform and its place in the emerging conservative ecosystem.

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