Jeff Bezos Gets Absolutely Humiliated by NFL Owner After Billionaire’s Paper Wrote Hit Pieces on Team – Report

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You can file this under “billionaires fighting over billionaire things.”

Disgraced Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder, who has been accused of multiple wrongdoings, including workplace misconduct and sexual harassment, may not sell his team as originally thought.

According to the New York Post, offers to buy the Commanders “fell far short” of Snyder’s $6 billion asking price. There was reportedly an offer around $5.5 billion, but again, that’s not $6 billion.

Curiously, one of the few people in this world who could easily afford a $6 billion price tag had been “benched” by Snyder as a prospective buyer.

The benched billionaire in question? Mr. Amazon himself, Jeff Bezos.

So why won’t Snyder allow Bezos to bid on his Commanders?

The short version: It’s because no matter how much money one has, sometimes, you never outgrow petty high school drama.

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