Jefferson University president under fire for liking tweets questioning Covid vax, calling child sex changes 'child mutilation'

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Thomas Jefferson University president Mark Tykocinski is under fire after liking a number of tweets from writer Alex Berenson questioning the Covid-19 vaccines and calling child sex changes “child mutilation.”

Chief Executive Officer of Thomas Jefferson University Joseph G. Cacchione issued an email to Jefferson faculty, employees, and students on Sunday, saying that Tykocinski was “careless” in his use of Twitter, and that he “should have known better.”

“At his level, he is held to a higher standard and should have known better,” Cacchione wrote, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

One of the nearly 30 tweets in question liked by Tykocinski in the last year was one from Berenson dated December 11, which read, “Two years after their introduction, the mRNAs Covid vaccines have proven to be what we all should have expected Another in a long line of overhyped, rushed, profit-driven Big Pharma flops with weak long-term efficacy and a lousy side effect profile.”

Another tweet liked by Tykocinski was one from Donald Trump Jr that read, “Doctors lied and coerced a 13-year-old into an irreversible ‘gender affirming medical procedure.’ Now she is fighting back and suing them. Donate here to support the lawsuit and help stop child mutilation.”

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