Jim Banks slams Biden's DOJ for dropping charges against BLM rioter

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Republican Representative Jim Banks of Indiana is going after Biden’s Department of Justice after the agency dropped arson charges against a left-wing extremist that set fire to a NYPD police vehicle during the BLM riots of 2020.

Victor Sanchez-Santa, 21, was charged with arson in federal court after he allegedly stopped his car beside a marked NYPD vehicle on June 9, 2020, and placed a burning glove underneath it, according to the federal complaint filed against Sanchez-Santa.

Following his arrest, United States Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman commended local and federal law enforcement for their quick action in identifying the suspect, Breitbart News reports.

Despite arson charges carrying a minimum of five years in prison with a maximum of 20, Biden’s Department of Justice dropped the charges in November 2021 after determining that “deferring prosecution” would be in the best interest of both the defendant and the United States.

Federal prosecutors ordered Victor Sanchez-Santa to nine months of probation and mandatory anger management classes.

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