Jimmy Carter’s Niece Provides Health Update on Uncle After He Refused Medical Intervention, Entered Hospice

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A member of former President Jimmy Carter’s family has given an update on his health, as the aging politician sees out the rest of his days in hospice care.

On Sunday, Carter’s niece, Leanne Smith revealed that he was having a “good day” and that the former chief executive still has some fight in him, as reported by Fox News.

Smith said Carter is still eating regularly and conversing with those around them, even requesting some of her cheese and broccoli soup.

“In fact, about 30 minutes ago, I got a text. They knew I made broccoli and cheese soup, so before I came to meet with you, I dropped broccoli and cheese soup off to be delivered to the house, because he’s eating and talking … so it is amazing,” Smith stated.

“He’s still got some time in him. I just feel like it.”

The 39th president was diagnosed with cancer back in 2015 and underwent a procedure to remove the cancerous cells from his liver.

While initially given the all-clear later that year, Carter’s health has continued to decline due to his advanced age.

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