Joe Biden Teaches Kids Terrible Lesson: Since You’re Bored, You Can Steal Something

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If you are looking for a parenting role model, you probably should not consider the current president.

On Monday, Joe Biden encouraged children to steal if they’re bored.

He and first lady Jill Biden were in Havelock, North Carolina, for a “Friendsgiving” event with service members and military families at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point.

The president approached a family on stage and said it had to be “boring, boring, boring for these kids to stand up here.”

“You’re allowed to do anything you want, including go steal a pumpkin if you want. Anything you want to do,” Biden told the children.

This might seem like just another funny Joe Biden comment, but in reality, it is really wrong. This should be obvious to any Christian, as the Bible clearly states, “You shall not steal.”

But beyond that, there is the fact that children are really impressionable. For the president of the United States to tell them it’s OK to steal because they are bored could give them the impression that stealing is not such a big deal, which in turn could lead to bad or even criminal behavior.

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