Joe Biden’s King Charles Coronation Stunt Breaks Over 100-Year-Old American Tradition

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The coronation of King Charles III in London, the first coronation in England in over 70 years, made history for many reasons. One of them was the American guests representing the United States at the ceremony.

Those guests were first lady Jill Biden and Finnegan Biden, daughter of the infamous Hunter Biden.

While at first, it may seem fitting for members of the first family to represent the nation at the coronation of the British king, it turns out that this appears to be a publicity stunt that breaks an American tradition dating back over a century.

For more than 100 years after the American Revolution, it wasn’t really an issue. The difficulties of trans-Atlantic travel in the 19th century ruled out any presidential presence at British coronations.

Beginning with the era of steamships, however, official American attendance at a coronation in London became a matter of choice. According to the New York Post, presidents have never attended the coronation of a British monarch, but for more than 100 years, the White House has sent a carefully chosen delegation of representatives who would work for American interests, Boston University historian Arianne Chernock told the Post.

This tradition started with the coronation of George V in 1911, according to Chernock. Then-President William Howard Taft named mining magnate and diplomat John Hays Hammond as the official U.S. representative, according to The Washington Post.

In 1937, then-President Franklin Roosevelt sent retired Gen. John Pershing and diplomat James Gerard to the coronation of George VI to court Britain as an ally in a possible war with German.

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