Joe Rogan criticized for defending Ilhan Omar's anti-semitic 'all about the Benjamins' remarks

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Liora Rez, Executive Director of Stop Antisemitism said in a statement, “Joe Rogan is once again spewing antisemitic misinformation to his millions of followers, this time irresponsibly spreading an age-old trope about Jews and money, and then minimizing it by comparing it to Italians and pizza. Last time we checked, Italians weren’t the victims of genocide for their love of pizza. Guest Krystal Ball then adds insult to injury when she doubles down by defending the antisemitic comments of Rep. Ilhan Omar, stating that the Congresswoman should not have apologized, and goes on to propagate antisemitic vitriol by asserting that Israel is untouchable because of Jewish money influencing Washington D.C.” 

She added, “Joe Rogan can no longer be protected by free speech when his horrific rhetoric will ultimately lead to further violence against Jews. StopAntisemitism is calling on Joe Rogan and Krystal Ball to apologize for their remarks and for Spotify and The Joe Rogan Experience to invite guests on to have a conversation about antisemitism and how comments like his and his guests are not just controversial, but dangerous for the Jewish people.”

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