Joe Rogan offers to train Elon Musk to fight Putin

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UFC commentator Joe Rogan on his March 22 podcast found out that billionaire tech magnate Elon Musk wants to fight Russian President Vladimir Putin. Rogan immediately put it out there that he would “arrange” for all of Musk’s training.

“I offered my services. I texted him. I said, ‘Dude I will arrange all of your training. if you really do fight Putin. I will arrange all your training.’ It would be so f*cking epic,” Rogan told his guest, Australian comedian Monty Franklin.

Franklin then asked Rogan what format the possible fight between Musk and Putin could take. “Are they fighting full martial arts, or doing boxing, or?” Franklin questioned. To which, Rogan responded: “I would say martial arts. You’d have to do martial arts. You’d have to, like, an MMA fight. It’s 2022; f*ck the boxing.”

“And [Musk] apparently, according to him, he had some match with a world champion sumo wrestler back in the day for fun, and he f—ed his neck up, like, throwing this guy outside of the ring. But he actually defeated some world champion sumo wrestler,” Rogan said, recounting a story Musk had told him.

The original challenge to a one-on-one fight earlier in the month from Musk to Putin came on March 14, when the Tesla CEO told the Russian head of state that the “stakes are…” then using the Ukrainian spelling for Ukraine.

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