Joe Rogan opens alien-themed, anti-cancel culture comedy club in Texas

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On Tuesday, comedian, podcaster, and MMA commentator Joe Rogan opened his own alien-themed, anti-cancel culture comedy club in Austin, Texas, the Comedy Mothership, and exclaimed “You can’t fire me from my own club, b*tch!” to commemorate the occasion.

According to the Daily Mail, Rogan’s club opened to “rapturous applause” on its first night as Rogan “was joined on stage by a litany of ‘canceled’ comedians including Roseanne Barr and David Lucas.”

Speaking to fellow comedian Theo Von on his podcast This Past Weekend last year, Rogan said, “I felt compelled to do it … I never wanted to own a comedy club, and I always felt like you just had to be nice to comedy club owners because you never want to be one of those people.” 

Rogan added, “I was like, ‘Maybe I should buy a f*cking club, and start a club.’ And that became my focus.”

The comedian had also said he saw the opportunity to open because Austin’s Capital City Comedy Club had closed.

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