Joe Scarborough Has Complete Meltdown on Live TV, Says Trump Town Hall Most Chilling Thing Since Jan 6

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Judging by the reaction on Wednesday night and into Thursday, the American left has, at long last, moved from the “Jan. 6 is the worst thing to happen to America since the Civil War” of its existence to the “Trump’s CNN town hall was the worst thing to happen since Jan. 6” phase — and Joe Scarborough is moving right along with them.

On Thursday’s edition of “Morning Joe,” the MSNBC anchor had a lot of words for the town hall event: “chilling,” “a disgraceful performance,” “breathtakingly dangerous,” a “virus of lies” and, yes, the scariest thing “I’ve seen on television since Jan. 6,” by which one assumes he means the Capitol incursion.

So, you know, just your average day that ends in Y on the Peacock network’s far-left cable-news annex.

“No surprises — and yet it was just it was a disgraceful performance,” the anchor, a once-upon-a-time RINO congressman, began.

“I’m constantly telling people not to catastrophize over Trump that he’s actually going to lose because he keeps drilling down deeper and deeper into his base … But I, um, I can’t believe I’m going to use catastrophizing language here, but it was just, it was disgraceful on just every level.”

It’s not only “dangerous for democracy,” Scarborough said, “because we passed that a long time ago, but it showed the corrosive effects of Trumpism over eight years.”

However, that wasn’t “the most shocking part.” No, that was the audience, who Scarborough said “cheered on a president who tried to overturn American democracy, an audience that mocked and ridicule the woman who a jury of her peers, Donald Trump’s peers, found had been sexually assaulted.”

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