John Boehner Accused of ‘Showing His True Colors’ After Sobbing Repeatedly While Delivering Nancy Pelosi Tribute

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Former House Speaker John Boehner’s tearful tribute to outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the unveiling of her portrait in the Capitol building on Wednesday was offensive, pathetic, nauseating and tells us everything we need to know about why the GOP continues to lose winnable elections.

Boehner, a Republican from Ohio, took over the speakership in 2011 following the Democrats’ loss of 63 House seats in the 2010 midterms.

Even for Boehner, who is known for wearing his feelings on his sleeves, his passionate display, more appropriate for delivering the eulogy at a loved one’s funeral than for the unveiling of a former colleague’s painting, was excessive.

Overcome with emotion, which made it difficult for him to speak at times, Boehner said: “And, Madam Speaker, I have to say, my girls told me, ‘Tell the speaker how much we admire her.’” His full-blown blubbering during this last remark won him hearty applause from the audience.

Collecting himself, he added, “As if you couldn’t tell, my girls are Democrats.”

It makes one wonder if Boehner himself is not a Democrat.

“You’ve been incredibly effective as the leader of your caucus,” Boehner continued. “The younger generation today has a saying: ‘Game recognizes game.’ The fact of the matter is no other speaker of the House in the modern era — Republican or Democrat — [Boehner, momentarily appearing as if the floodgates were about to burst open – again, paused before continuing] has wielded the gavel with such authority or with such consistent results. Let me just say. You’re one tough cookie.”

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