John Fetterman Ruins Bernie Sanders’ News Conference as People Cannot Take Their Eyes Off of Him

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Sen. John Fetterman crashed a news conference held by Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday — and he must not have gotten the memo about what to wear.

The Pennsylvania Democrat appeared at the dais in the Senate media room wearing a white Carhartt hoodie, as his peers wore formal suit and ties.

Fetterman also touted a pair of shorts and sneakers during the news conference.

Sanders — who also appeared with Sens. Peter Welch, Jeff Merkley, and Ed Markey — didn’t address the topic of Fetterman’s clothing.

Fetterman, who returned to his Senate duties after taking a leave of absence to receive depression treatment earlier this year, urged President Joe Biden to use 14th Amendment powers instead of making a government spending deal with Republicans.

Fetterman appeared to read from a written script during his brief remarks during the news conference.

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