Jordan Neely's uncle arrested for theft after saying Daniel Penny should be denied plea deal

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A man who has reportedly said he is the uncle of Jordan Neely evaded police before later being apprehended on Monday for a string of larcenies in Manhattan.

Charges filed by police include criminal possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, bail jumping, and unlawful possession of a weapon, per The Daily Mail

Much like his nephew, Jordan Neely, the 44-year-old Christopher Neely has a lengthy rap sheet, with over 70 previous arrests on his record.

Upon catching up with and detaining Neely, responding officers discovered numerous credit and debit cards with different names, including at least one that was apparently stolen from another person. He was also armed with a gravity knife, according to the report.

Christopher Neely very recently argued that Daniel Penny, the man who put Jordan Neely in a chokehold prior to his death, should be charged for his actions and does not deserve a plea deal. 

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