Joseph: With Biden’s Memory Fading, He Needs to Be Reminded About the Supreme Court’s Power

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President Joe Biden recently boasted, “I have a pen that can veto.”

But with his memory fading, he may need to be reminded that the courts have the power to examine his vetoes and judge whether they are legitimately constitutional.

Under the U.S. system of checks and balances, neither a president’s veto nor an executive order can override a Supreme Court decision. The judicial branch has the final word on legislation.

It’s time for all Americans to remember this. The jubilant Democrats must not get carried away upon winning a slim Senate majority in the recent midterm elections.

The Supreme Court’s supreme power 

It is the grave responsibility of the Supreme Court to rein in the exaggerated “rights” agenda being promulgated by the Democrats.

The Founders knew the wisdom of establishing three separate branches of government.

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