Joshua Philipp, Robert Malone Discuss COVID-19 Origins, Vaccine Injuries, and Media Misinformation at CPAC

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The Conservative Political Action Committee’s (CPAC) 2023 conference hosted a panel conversation featuring Dr. Robert Malone, an early mRNA vaccine researcher, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), Jerry Daniels, a marketing specialist, and Joshua Philipp, an investigative reporter for The Epoch Times.

The discussion centered on COVID-19 misinformation, the potential control to be gained, and opinions on what can and should be done to retain the rights granted to Americans by the Constitution.

Jackson, who is part of the House Select Committee on Coronavirus, stressed that the biggest tools in the House will be oversight, and his committee will dig into everything that went on regarding the origins of COVID-19.

He believes government agencies have started trying to admit their beliefs on the origins of COVID-19 in an attempt to cover for previous comments. The lawmaker also reported that whistleblowers are “coming out of the woodwork,” to talk about how various agencies responded to the virus.

During his comments, Daniels pointed out that some in the media have been found to be complicit in spreading misinformation and stopping information on treatment, prophylactic medication, and the history and origins of COVID-19.

Daniels pointed to the number of independent doctors who were doxxed and had other negative repercussions for not treating the coronavirus the way government agencies recommended. The marketing expert said he believes that corporate doctors are up against similar decisions to what the media has to face, in deciding whether to sell out for money.

Malone made similar points, saying it is likely that the government via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been withholding key information from physicians and other medical personnel.

According to Malone, the critical problem with withholding information about adverse events due to vaccines and negative responses to lockdown and masking is that it’s keeping doctors from providing forward-looking care for those at risk for cardiac events, stroke, clotting, and other issues.

This prevents physicians from providing proactive care, and the government must become more open and transparent and stop infringing on personal liberty.

“What we have here is a clear unequivocal story of chronic government overreach over the last three years,” Malone said. “What we have here is a clear unequivocal story of chronic government overreach over the last three years. The government has used military-grade propaganda tools against us.”

Philipp echoed Malone’s concern noting that the use of propaganda is “a big deal.”

The investigative journalist went on, saying, “This goes into the topic of fifth-generation warfare which you were talking about coin and Afghanistan and counterinsurgency, it’s the war for hearts and minds as they call it.”

Jackson said that he is concerned that domestic and international organizations, along with others, have derived power from the COVID-19 pandemic and that this effort has likely been in the works for a long time.

As to Americans’ motivations for COVID-19 restrictions, the lawmaker said he believes that Democrats supported it because it allowed for a new kind of election in 2020.

“I’m a firm believer that the Democrats in general the party, their primary motivation was mail-in ballots,” Jackson said. “That’s how they won this last election during COVID … so I think that that’s their motivation.”

The lawmaker also asserted that a number of agencies are assisting each other in a symbiotic relationship, for power to flow toward Democrats and money to flow toward several private sectors, such as technology and pharmacy drug companies.

Daniels jumped in and said his initial concern regarding the response to COVID and vaccines was either about winning an election or about money, but that he has since changed his mind. He now believes COVID was the most well-planned psyop in the history of the world. He doesn’t think the average politician in Washington is aware, and the parties are not as divided as the media wants people to think they are.

Near the end of his comments, Malone said the vaccine-injured need to “stop being gaslit,” and need to be recognized, compensated, and treated. He also confirmed that he is completely satisfied that much of what has gone on surrounding COVID-19 has been intentional and, prompted by bad actors.

“In terms of those that have been vaccine damaged and wish to clear the spike protein from their body there are new technology platforms,” Malone said, offering an alternative for those who regret receiving a vaccination. He went on to say he wants to “confirm this has been a conspiracy.”

“There is no question there have been nefarious actors,” the doctor said. “They have exploited this for financial reasons. And that’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s truth.”

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