Journalism is 'most regretted' major for college grads

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A recent survey Journalism tops a list of the ten “most regretted” college majors that graduates spent time and money getting.

CNBC reports that a whopping 87 percent of college graduates regretted their journalism degree according to a  survey of over 1,500 college grads seeking jobs by ZipRecruiter.

In the survey, sociology tied with liberal arts/general studies degrees in second place, both warranting 72 percent of graduates saying they regretted making the choice to major in the field.

64 percent of Communications majors said they regret their choice of degree, followed by 61 percent of those with education degrees. 

The list is rounded out, in order, with marketing at 60 percent, medical assisting at 58 percent, political science at 56 percent, and both biology and English degrees getting 52 percent saying they regretted what they had done.

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