Journalist Makes Scary Discovery After Following Creek from East Palestine to Ohio River

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A reporter discovered three deer that were deceased along the bank of a creek that runs south from East Palestine, Ohio, and into the Ohio River on Monday.

Ben Bergquam with Real America’s Voice News announced the chilling discovery through a mobile phone video that was shared on Twitter.

It has been more than three weeks after a Norfolk Southern Southern train derailed in the community and spilled toxic chemicals throughout the area. Since the beginning of the ongoing ecological disaster, images of dead fish have been shared online.

Similar cases of affected wildlife have also been documented, as it is estimated 43,000 animals are dead.

In something Begquam could not explain, he found three deer lifeless within yards of Little Beaver Creek and within yards of each other.

As he noted, the animals showed no signs of any physical trauma and had more or less been left alone by other wildlife.

WARNING: The following video contains disturbing images.

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