Judge Rules Election Results Void After Illegal Votes Are Discovered

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For the presiding judge, this vote was literally too close to call — so he called for another election.

According to KTAL-TV in Shreveport, Louisiana, the case relates to an election for sheriff in Shreveport’s Caddo Parish, where candidate Democratic candidate Henry Whitehorn seemingly overcame his Republican opponent, John Nickelson, to win the race by a single vote.

Whitehorn’s victory came after a recount that added three additional votes to the tallies of both candidates.

However, Nickleson moved to immediately challenge the results in a lawsuit demanding a special election on account of reports of fraudulent voting and a flawed electoral process.

After four judges on the Louisiana Supreme Court recused themselves due to their relationship with Nickleson, the case was handed to retired justice E. Joseph Bleich, who ruled in Nickleson’s favor.

On Tuesday, Bleich declared the election results as void and ordered another runoff election.

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