Justin Trudeau humiliates himself trying to shame Italy’s conservative leader over ‘LGBTQ2S+ rights’

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is well known for embarrassing himself and Canada whenever he travels abroad, whether it’s for his personal pleasure or on official government business. 

He warbled his way through the Queen song “Bohemian Rhapsody” while he was in London attending Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. He camped it up in India, violating his own cultural appropriation taboo by donning traditional Indian garb and even attempting some dance steps that were hilariously bad.

So here he is again – humiliating himself – this time attending a G-7 meeting in Hiroshima Friday and deciding to lecture Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on her country’s supposed violation of LGBTQ2S+ rights. 

Before sitting down to upbraid Meloni, Trudeau expressed his prissy concern:

“Obviously, Canada is concerned about some of the (positions) that Italy is taking in terms of LGBT rights,” Trudeau told Meloni.

“But I look forward to talking with you about that.”

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