Kamala Harris blames GOP for Biden’s border crisis

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During a recent interview with NPR, Vice President Kamala Harris blamed Biden’s border crisis on congressional Republicans’ “unwillingness” to pass legislation aimed at solving the issue.

Harris, who stated that the border was “secure,” has been repeatedly criticized by the numerous congress members who have spent far more time at the southern border than she has.

“Sadly, what we have seen in particular from Republicans in Congress,” Harris told NPR‘s Asma Khalid, “is an unwillingness to engage in any meaningful reform that could actually fix a lot of what we are witnessing.”

She went on to suggest that the key to success was “reform of our immigration system,” but argued that this “can only happen through Congress in terms of the passage of an immigration bill that allows for a legal pathway to citizenship and a legal presence in the country.”

“We’re gonna do everything that’s within our ability as the executive branch,” Harris stated. “That means putting more agents on the border as appropriate so that we can manage what might be an influx.” 

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