Kamala Harris declares Americans who openly carry fire arms are 'extremists'

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On Friday, Kamala Harris visited Georgia to deliver a speech on campaign finance reform and said at the event that pro-life voters who have open carry gun permits are “extremists.”

“These extremists there claim to be for life but instead of acting to save lives from gun violence, state-by-state, made it legal to open carry a gun without even a permit or background check,” Harris said.

According to local news, the event was held at Flourish Legendary Events in Buckhead, a district within the city of Atlanta, Georgia and was organized by the Democratic Party of Georgia. 

Harris referenced a woman killed on Thursday in Atlanta and said, “Meanwhile, we mourn for the mother killed at a medical facility just a few blocks from here.

Fox 5 News reports that Deion Patterson was arrested after the incident which allegedly saw him open fire on five women, killing one.

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