Kamala Harris Has 12 Embarrassing Seconds of Pure Word Salad When Asked About Climate Protesters

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Kamala Harris is at it again — offering Americans a lesson is using too many words to describe absolutely nothing.

On Wednesday night, the vice president appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” because obviously with a continued border crisis, tense international relations and a crumbling economy, making an appearance on a late-time talk show is a priority.

Now, to be fair Harris did take some time to “answer” questions on policy and the affairs of these great United States.

In one segment of the interview, host Stephen Colbert asked Harris about the Willow Project — an oil drilling venture in Alaska’s federally designated National Petroleum Reserve, which has just been approved — to the shock of many and the chagrin of activists — by the Biden administration.

First, Colbert inquired whether the approval of such a project would break one of President Joe Biden’s campaign promises: “no new drilling licenses issued on public land.”

“I understand the concerns that have been made, but here’s the thing, if you look at what our administration has done — it’s historic, ” Harris deflected, (historically awful maybe, but that’s just one writer’s opinion). “[I]n term of an investment in a clean energy economy,” she clarified.

Ah yes, the clean energy initiative that has created power outages during the height of summer; pushed electric vehicles on a populace that lives in areas where the power grid cannot accommodate charging an army of said vehicles; and claimed that gas stoves should be banned (if you aren’t AOC or first lady Jill Biden).

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