Kamala Harris Omits Key Word from Declaration of Independence During Heartless Speech

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There are some who would argue that there is no more important doctrine in the founding of the United States of America than the Declaration of Independence.

(Some would say it’s the Bible, and that’s more than fair.)

Whether it’s a passage from Scripture or a quote from the Declaration, you would hope that this nation’s highest elected officials would know both intimately, given the historical significance of both.

But, perhaps that’s not fair. Elected officials like the president and vice president do have quite a bit on their plates. Running this great country is no small task. But even in that case, surely the highest elected officials in the land would be able to recall the most important parts of those doctrines?

Sadly, even remembering the CliffsNotes of those doctrines appears to be too tall of a task for Vice President Kamala Harris.

Okay, given that Harris isn’t exactly an orator, perhaps it’s not a stunner that she butchered the words to the Declaration of Independence.

Taking a closer look at what exactly she butchered, however, might reveal something far more sinister than another word flub salad from Harris.

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