Kari Lake Bombshell: AZ Supreme Court Reverses Their Own Major Decision

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Arizona’s Supreme Court delivered a slap on the wrist to Republican Kari Lake’s attorney on Thursday while demanding one of Lake’s core concerns finally get attention.

The good news-bad news ruling came as part of Lake’s effort to show that misconduct impacted the 2022 election for the governor of Arizona to the point where the victory of Democrat Katie Hobbs over Lake should be thrown out.

Although Lake has lost most of her court appeals, in March, Arizona’s Supreme Court directed a lower court to hold a hearing into Lake’s allegation that Maricopa County did not follow its signature verification process in the 2022 election.

That has not yet happened, but it will now.

As noted by Just the News, the court ordered on Thursday “that the trial court shall forthwith conduct such proceedings as appropriate to resolve” the allegations regarding signature verification.

In trying to cut to the core of the ruling, Rasmussen Reports tweeted, “Apparently upwards of 300,000 mail ballots in Maricopa County Arizona will now be checked for missing or mismatched signature issues in a race that has captured international attention and is divided by less than 15,000 ‘votes.’”

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