Kari Lake Campaign Responds to Bill Gates After He Dismisses Election Day Problems: ‘Preserve Your Documents’

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In the wake of voting machine problems that caused frustration and delays for in-person voters on Election Day in Maricopa County, Arizona, the Republican chairman of the county Board of Supervisors has been engaged in what can most charitably described as damage control.

Sunday morning, Chairman Bill Gates released a video on the county’s Twitter thread that claimed to “answer your election-related questions this weekend.”

Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake is apparently a fan of those answers — but probably not for the reason Gates would like.

Lake’s campaign team tweeted in response to Sunday morning’s video, implying that Gates was giving Lake’s legal team ammunition to challenge the current election results.

According to The Associated Press, Lake is currently losing by over 17,000 votes with only about 13,000 ballots remaining to be counted. The AP called the race in favor of Lake’s opponent, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, on Nov. 14, at which time 43,000 ballots remained to be counted.

“The AP concluded that, even though Republican Kari Lake had been posting increasingly larger margins in vote updates from Maricopa County, she was not gaining a big enough share to overtake Hobbs, and was running out of remaining votes,” they said.

Lake’s supporters had been calling foul days before that, arguing that Republican voters are more likely to vote on Election Day than Democrats, and that therefore Election Day problems have a disproportionate effect on Republicans.

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