Kari Lake Issues Urgent Instructions to Voters Who ‘Have Already Checked In’ at Polling Places

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The Republican candidate for Arizona governor, former Phoenix news anchor Kari Lake, shared instructions with voters amidst Arizona’s Tuesday-morning election turmoil.

Early Tuesday morning, reports began indicating that voting tabulators in Maricopa County were failing.

County officials claim 20 percent of voting locations have malfunctioning tabulators.

If unable to drop their ballots within a tabulator, voters have three options, according to Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates: Stay and wait for the tabulator to come back online, drop the ballot into a secure slot to be counted at a later time or go to another voting center.

According to Lake, however, voters who have checked in at a voting location should refrain from going to another center.

If they do, Lake maintains their vote may not be counted.

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