Kari Lake opposes puberty blockers, sex changes for children

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In a Twitter post late last week, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake spoke out against the medicalized gender transitions of children, stating that there is nothing “controversial” about holding such a position.

“There is absolutely nothing controversial about being against Doctors prescribing puberty blockers to Minors,” Lake wrote on Twitter, continuing on to ask, “Why does this even have to be said?”

Lake’s post comes as more reports of children’s hospitals and clinics across the nation say that they perform such procedures and give treatment to minors that may be experiencing gender dysphoria.

Many of these procedures are permanent in nature, or have side effects that will be experienced for their entire lives, like in the cases of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

In a campaign speech given over the weekend, Lake said in regards to her challenger Katie Hobbs, “She’s also on her website encouraging and supporting, I don’t know what they call it, they have a fancy name for it, ‘gender affirmation surgery for our children. This is crazy, it’s sick, it’s nonsense, it’s insanity.”

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